Civil Site Development-Tampa Bay Underground Utilities Contractor

The Underground Utility Division of Evans Engineering & Design Build Services Inc. is part of our total site capability, our full service Civil Site development company providing premier Subsurface Utility Engineering services. We are a fully licensed, full service underground utility contracting company with all work being performed under the direct supervision of a licensed professional Civil Engineer. Due to our versatility with the above applications, we can provide the right personnel and equipment to suit any of your company's needs. Evans Engineering is environmentally conscious and maintains a perpetually safe, clean site that meets or exceeds industry standards. Installation of underground utilities requires precise coordination in order to avoid any conflicts with existing utilities. We strive to coordinate with other job site utility entities, i.e., telephone, power, cable TV, etc., to ensure that all schedules are met. It is this dedication to service that has made Evans Engineering a leader in the utility field. Our full service firm deals with all aspects of site development with a wide variety of services including:

Site Clearing
Our land clearing services include demolition Burning on site or Chipping and Hauling off Debris clearing and grubbing, excavations, Erosion Control including Staked Silt Fence and Tree Barricades.

Pond and Site Excavation; Grading; Imported fill dirt; Compaction; Pond Liners; Swale and Sump Construction; Wetland Impact Restoration

Retention Ponds
Many road, infrastructure, and large commercial projects need the installation of retention ponds and drainage.

Sanitary Sewer
PVC and Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) Installation: Standard and Drop Manholes; Service Line Connections; Sanitary Clean Outs; Lift Stations and Force Mains

Storm Drains
We are experienced in the construction, repair, and maintenance of storm drains and drainage problems including French drains, storm drains and storm drain clearing. Storm Sewer material installations include Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP), Elliptical Reinforced Concrete Pipe (ERCP), Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pipe (FRCP) and Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) Installation; Grate Inlets; Curb Inlets; Storm Manholes; Control Structures

Lift Stations
Installing quality lift station pump systems for commercial, residential, and retail projects of all sizes.

Survey layout staking
We provide layout and staking for our site work.

Water Mains, Fire Mains, Force Mains
Potable Water System, Water Main, Water Services, Back Flow Preventor, Dry and Wet Tap service connections, jack and bore, gate valves, tapping sleeves and fire hydrants

Reclaimed Water Service
PVC and Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP) Installation and Service Connections; Gate valves

We are skilled in handling new construction for roadways, parking lots, overlays, road barricades, maintenance of traffic, saw-cut and matching existing pavements

Striping and Signs
Our contractor services include striping and signage for roadways and parking lots.

Streets, Ponds and Lakes; Clean Outs; Inspection boxes

Electrical, Telephone, Gas, Irrigation and Lighting installation

Road Stabilization Sub-base; Compacted Sub-base; Compacted Under Curb Stabilization

Roadway and Road Widening to FDOT and/or Local Government Agency Specifications; Crushed Concrete, Soil Cement, Limerock, Shell

FDOT Maintenance Of Traffic Certification
Design/Permitting and Installation of Maintenance of Traffic Plans in accordance with FDOT regulations